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autor: Laxmi123
13 lis 2018 09:48
Forum: Świat
Temat: Hiszpania
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Re: Hiszpania

I think Spain is one of the best tourism place,if anyone going to plan for visiting other countries,then you have better to choose Spain,in that so many beautiful places are have,and i am also planning for visiting that spain place,but i don't know how to travelling for visiting Spain,if anyone let ...
autor: Laxmi123
01 lis 2018 13:34
Forum: Świat
Temat: olto
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Re: olto

I like yellow color,and i hope all are likes yellow color,when i was wear yellow color sariee on that time all are gave complement for me,they are said like your good looking in yellow color sariee,and I think if you want to good looking then you have to wear yellow color dresses.............. HACCP...
autor: Laxmi123
24 paź 2018 07:10
Forum: Świat
Temat: Nokia
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Re: Nokia

I think before long days Nokia keypad mobile is very popular,on that days mostly so many peoples are preferred Nokia mobiles only because of branded mobile and long battery live and so many offers are available on that time,I think now all are taking touch mobiles................. CE mark Certificat...
autor: Laxmi123
08 sie 2018 08:19
Forum: Instytucje
Temat: mBank
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Re: mBank

I hope mBank is one of the popular or top three polish banks that have been granting foreign mortgage loans,and mBank is the most design driven Digital bank in the world,and i don't know what more about this if anyone knows means let me know someone....... ISO 9001 Certification in South Africa CE m...

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