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26 gru 2018 20:12
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Temat: Skąd meble
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Re: Skąd meble

When you choose to live in an apartment consider whether the building is close to clubs, cafes or other live music venues. What is the amount of passing traffic – will it be noisy at peak hour ? Will the noise affect your lifestyle? It is a good idea to arrange an inspection of the building during t...
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26 gru 2018 20:10
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Temat: Kupno mieszkania - Jak wybraliście dewelopera?
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Re: Kupno mieszkania - Jak wybraliście dewelopera?

After spending some time in renting business you’ll realise that you should stop throwing away money on rent month after month, and buy a house or an apartment. If you are going to buy your first apartment ever, then in this article will show you a checklist of things that you should verify before b...
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26 gru 2018 20:09
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Temat: Rozwód - wina a podział majątku
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Re: Rozwód - wina a podział majątku

People often assume there will be a financial impact if one partner has had an affair, or left the marriage. In fact, this will rarely make any difference to the overall division of assets. When it comes to money, by and large the court is not interested in why the marriage is ending, but rather wha...
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26 gru 2018 19:58
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Temat: Pasja gotowania
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Re: Pasja gotowania

It's amazing how much faster you can zoom around the grocery store when you know exactly where you're headed. No more reading aisle signs. No more stopping to ask people for help. If you always go to the same place you'll eventually know it like the back of your hand — and start forming relationship...
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26 gru 2018 19:54
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Temat: Księgowość online
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Re: Księgowość online

I’ve recently come across a number of freelancers asking if they need an accountant. It’s a fair question, as when you are starting up, or if your business is in a famine stage (rather than the favourite feast stage), it’s common sense to question where you are spending your money. We all like spend...

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