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one opinion :

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I am an American, however I did not spend my youth in the USA. From age three to age 24 I lived in Venezuela and Australia due to my Father's position with Chevron(VEN) and CalTex(AUS). I find it amazing that us Americans have this view of "entitlement" that will go on for infinity as if the rest of the World owes us a debt. Granted that without the aid of the US military in WW1 and WW2 the so called "free" world would look a lot smaller than it does today. In my mind the biggest mistake the US government has made is to move away from US Constitutional values. The three main values the Constitution calls for is 1)Less governemnt 2)Honest money 3)Limited foreign wars all sealed in the values of Liberty ... not Democracy. There is no mention in the US Consitution of democracy(mob rule).

Let me give you a specific example of why the US dollar and the US economy is headed for a total collapse, just like the USSR did in the late 80's bogged down in Afghanistan. Look at the Bush FY2007 Budget(OMB) and you will see close to a half trillion(with a T)set aside for DEFENSE. Just to let you know the USA keeps two sets of books the one I speak of is open to the public put out by the OMB and uses cash accounting method. The unpublicized version is called the FInancial Report Of The USA and is put out by the Treasury Dept(now headed by Gambino Sachs)and is based on the acrual method of accounting. Which version would you rather see the one for the minions open to the public or the one that only the "insiders" get to see? If you can believe the FT(London Financial Times)the version that the public sees states a $319billion deficit while the insider version shows a $760billion version for FY 2005. The insiders know the truth and they invest accordingly.

With the current FY2007 Budget showing $500billion earmarked for DEFENSE spending you have to ask yourself how long can the USA afford to police the World and still have this supposed "robust economy"? We now have military bases in 133 countries ... Then you have to ask are these funds warranted on a virtual war on terror? When 40,000 insurgents can pin down the biggest military force the World has ever seen inside the "Green Zone" then answer is the funds are poorly spent unless you are a Halliburton shareholder(Cheney).

The Reagan script ... Russia was defeated in Afghanistan because the USA supplied stinger missles to the Afghan warlords in querilla warfare, which is also the kind of warfare in Iraq. Putin is following Reagans lead but the Russians are much smarter. The cost of a shoulder launched stinger missle is 100 times the cost of a Russian made RPG-7. A Russian made RPG-7 costs insurgents around $1000. If you saw the movie Blackhawk Down then you saw what a few RPG-7s can do to a helicopter and a convoy. Now the Russians have a new version called the RPG-29 that sells for about the same $1000 except it has one BIG advantage ... it pierces M1 tank armor. Do you get it yet? The insurgents pay $1000 to destroy an M1 and the US governemnt pays $5million for an M1 tank replacement. You'll also notice the US military in Iraq has no more ground supply convoys, since supplies are transported using aircraft, C-130s. The Russian RPGs and IED have diverted supply chains to the air where it is safer but much more costly. Also note that our military is using so much small arms ammo that we can no longer manufacture our own ammo and so we import ammo from Italy and Israel. Iraq will be the Worlds first $1trillion war ...

To prosecute extremely costly multiple front wars around the World diverts funds from this "robust economy" and infrastructure maintenance(we cannot afford to rebuild New Orleans). We have strayed from the principles of the US Constitution ... avoid foreign wars! We have strayed from the values of the US Constitution ... only honest money backed by gold and silver is legal. So long as the modern US government can print unlimited money and so long as foreigners accept our IOUs we can wage war forever. Unlike the Russians we are the Worlds reserve currency and that is the only reason we have not collapsed yet, like the USSR did under military expenditures.

This country is in UNCHARTED WATERS financially, militarily and morally ... The nature of Empires is to fail just as it is the nature of corrupt fiat monetary systems. Who says? The entire history of the human race says ... Simply put if you are in paper when this musical chairs game stops you are the loser. The foreigners are racing to keep the US dollar game going but they are racing even faster to get rid of US dollars as stealthily as possible. They want Americans to end up holding the bag ... Someday soon you will walk into WalMart and think you're in Neiman Marcus.

This USSR,jr ... this welfare state of America cannot keep the game going. The odds are against it ... it is a matter of when and with the desperate appointment of Paulson as head of Treasury that can only mean time is running a lot faster now.



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